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Oracle 18c | Oracle 18c Features | Oracle 18c Advantages

We are now using the latest Oracle database which is 11g version of oracle and Oracle 12 c version to do the database operations in day to day life.Each of oracle version has its own features and each and every release of oracle comes with latest features which are helpful for application to tune the performance as well as simple and elegant way of storage and restoring database facilities.Oracle has not launched any version after oracle 12c release2 but now Oracle CTO(Chief Technical Officer) Larry Ellison has launched new Oracle version which is Oracle 18c which is also known as Autonomous database.Oracle 18c is main competitor of Amazon Web Services (AWS).Now a days to use oracle as a database we need lot of resources who have great knowledge of backup,restore strategies as well as most importantly performance tuning using indexing and partitioning.So lot of cost  different companies wastes in to resources as well as security of the database.The DBAs are really frightened with this new Oracle Technology.But the DBA jobs are secure and they need to learn new technology like cloud.

Oracle 18c Impact on DBAs?
Will DBAs be fired?
Answer : “Big No”
So no need to worry for DBAs.In each and every release every product will come up with new features.So oracle has come up with the new features like “self driving” and “Automotive” database. Following are day to day activities are every database administrators:
2.Database Tuning
3.SQL Tuning
4.Maintenance of database
5.Database upgrades
6.Database Installation
The oracle 18c uses machine learning robotic technology which will do all above activities automatically.It does not mean that database will automatically complete all instruction.Human needs to give the instructions to machine so that it will work as per given human instructions.So the DBA needs to get involved in giving that specific instructions to machine.
Oracle 18c Impact on DBAs
There are following advantages of Oracle 18c database:
1.Reduce Complexity
2.Reduce Human Errors
3.Reduce Manual Management
4.Reduce Manual Performance Tuning
5.High Relibility
6.High Security
7.Less human Cost
8.Reduce human efforts
I am using the word “Reduce” in spite of “Eliminate”.So Oracle 18c database is Reduces the human efforts it does not  mean that DBAs are not needed anymore to do any activities.DBAs needs to ensure that all the functionalities will work fine and ensuring that security features of oracle is working fine.

Tasks  Of DBA in Oracle 18c

As I have explained in my previous article that oracle 18c is self driving and autonomous database there are lot of tasks needs to take care of DBA only.I explained in above paragraph that DBAs needs to give the machine different instructions regarding patching,installation and tuning.DBAs are also responsible for the security and backup maintenance of database. Following are some bullet points DBAs needs to work on while working with this new age database technology:
1.Deciding the different kind of Services of database
2.Deciding the memory space and hardware for the database

3.DBAs are the resources who knows about the cost of query in tuning and they will decide what will be the best execution plan for the query.

4.Deciding different policies of database.

5.Deciding the complex design of database.

6.Manage the new database technology that is Cloud based database technology.

So the Oracle 18c Impact on DBAs is they need to  learn new technology which is actually the new age database management system.The DBAs are currently is fear of losing their database administration jobs but that is not true.Actually there are lot of new technologies DBA needs to learn to handle oracle 18c.There are following kinds of cloud services DBA needs to grab :

1.Oracle Database Cloud Service

2.Oracle bare metal cloud database service

3.Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service

4.Oracle Database Express Cloud Service

5.Autonomous Mode of Database.

With these kind of services DBA also needs to learn about the new database mode that is “Autonomous Mode” of database.

Changes in Database Activities
In Oracle 18 C the following database activites gets changed with this new version:

1.Oracle patching Automation :

Oracle already have mechanism of automation of patching activities but they are releasing this with this new age database technology.Now a days DBAs go to console and apply the different patches and releases.In this new age database technology they try to replace the patching activity through console to “Click”.

Just like any other software installation DBAs needs to install the patches or apply the patches by clicking it.Here DBA also needs to have the knowledge of where to apply the patches.

2.Database Performance Tuning :
Oracle uses version to version row based to cost based optimization.Tuning is nothing but improving the performance of sql query using different kind of techniques like indexing,reindexing,partitioning which will improve the operational cost.Oracle 18c uses the artificial intelligence engine to tune the queries.We are using tuner advisors now a days to tune queries but they are not that much perfect.In 18c the indexing will done automatically and indexes are applied to specific table automatically to tune the queries.
3.Database Upgrades :

Oracle has worked hard to manage and automate the Database upgrades and PDB mechanisms.The database upgrades the new version by using the autonomous mode of database which is fully automatic using machine learning.
4.Less Administration :
Using this new age technology the administration  cost reduces and time reduced for infrastructure management as well as patching upgrades and tuning too.


DBAs needs to spend time on new innovations in database design,analytics and policies.Oracle 18c Impact on DBAs are  they need to spend the time on research and development of database design and analytics.

Cons of Oracle 18c / Disadvantages of Oracle 18c

The main and important question is who needs to be frightened with this new technology.Each system has pros and cons.There are bunch of people who will not accept the change and always working on old technologies.The DBAs who are always concentrating on doing the following simple tasks needs to be frightened with this new Oracle 18c Database:

1.Operational DBA Checking backups

2.DBAs who are only checking storage

3.DBAs not involved in Performance Tuning activities

4.DBAs doing only installation and patching activities manually

5.DBAs who are creating duplicate environments

Hope you like this article on Oracle 18c Impact on DBAs.If you like this article donot forget to share it.

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