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Oracle 18c advantages and disadvantages

Oracle 18c advantages and disadvantages :

In previous articles i have explained about the new age database system i.e Oracle 18c database version.We discussed about the advantages as well as disadvantages of this new age database and DBA impact as well.In this article i will try to explain the roadmap of the new release of oracle and how the oracle new versions will be released  step by step.Oracle has released the new database version which is worlds first autonomous database and has automated different tasks like performance tuning tasks and operational tasks in this new version.Oracle has released 18c version but it has also subversions in the version.Oracle 18c Release is not a single release;it has different sub-releases.In this article i will try to explain the roadmap of how oracle will release the subversions of Oracle 18c version and how it will impact of different database developers and DBAs.In my previous article i have explained the advantages as well as disadvantages of oracle 18c database.In this article also i will try to Oracle 18c advantages and disadvantages. I will try to explain the plans of future oracle releases which has explained by CTO of oracle Larry Ellison.

Oracle Releases and its roadmap :

Oracle has announced the new version of Oracle database in october 2017.If we studied the roadmap of previous versions of oracle releases just like that the new version will release by releasing the versions in different fragments. kindly check the diagrammatic representation of Oracle releases happened up to now.
Oracle 18c advantages and disadvantages
Oracle 11 c version has been launched at 2007 and still oracle is supporting the oracle 11g release and different patches are still released for oracle 11 g.The overall life set for oracle 11g version by oracle s up to 2021 oracle will support oracle 11g.If you see now a days oracle 12c releases support is started and oracle has released Oracle version oracle wants to release version but  oracle has chosen the new way to of oracle release which will indicate the release year in oracle version.Now a days industry is following agile methodology and cloud computing is booming.Oracle has added bunch of new features and come up with new Database which is worlds first autonomous database.So Release which is originally planned as become Oracle 18c in which version will indicate the release year and will become Oracle 19 c which will be launched in 2019.And the last release of Oracle 12.2 will become Oracle 20.In between the 3 major releases i.e. Oracle 10g,Oracle 11 g and Oracle 12 c the new release is Oracle 18 c which will come up with bunch of new features like:
3.Advanced Compression
5.In Memory
6.Advanced Indexing using Artificial Intelligence
Oracles change to annual releases addresses both the delay in getting new features out and amount of changes done in new versions.The new release also changes the way of releasing the patches which will introduce new terminology to DBAs and developers.The sample version  of how the releases will happened are shown in following diagram :
Oracle 18c
The major release of Oracle will be 18c and There will be 3 Release updates of oracle 18c which are 18.1 to 18.3.The third tier is nothing but the release update revision of the RU versions.Because of this DBAs and developers will quickly identify the versions of database.Because of the smaller number of changes in upgrade it will be simple for DBAs to upgrade and doing patching and DBAs and developers will solve problems fast.

Oracle 18c Advantages :

Oracle 18c has come up with lot of Oracle 18c advantages and disadvantages.It is worlds first autonomous database which will remove human interventions which will remove the complexity of database operations.
1.Self Driving database
2.Reduces the complexity of database
3.Reduces Human Efforts
4.Upgrades and patching is easy
5.Automated Performance Tuning of database
6.Reduces operational cost of database
7.Highly Relible and secure database
8.Most efficient consumption of resources.
9.Reduces the human interventions
These are some advantages of Oracle 18c.It is self driving,reliable and highly secured database.

Oracle 18c Disadvantages :

Each coin has two sides so the oracle 18 c will come up with bunch of disadvantages also.This technology is totally new technology so that the following kind of DBAs which are doing only day to day patching activities needs to be frightened because lot of things will do automatically in this version of oracle.
1.Operational DBA Checking backups
2.DBAs who are only checking storage
3.DBAs not involved in Performance Tuning activities
4.DBAs doing only installation and patching activities manually
5.DBAs who are creating duplicate environments
These are some disadvantages of this new agee database named oracle 18c.I  tried to explain the Oracle 18c advantages and disadvantages in single article.Hope you will like this article.

What is New in Oracle 18c?

1.Tables in 18c will be created with no constraints.The not null constraint is mandatory for the not null columns.
2.You don’t need to create partition at the time of table creation for Performance Tuning.
3.Provisioning time for new instance is 10-20 secs.
4.Primary key,Foreign keys are defined with RELY DISABLE NOVALIDATE.
5.There is no Physical Structure like indexes.
6.Parallel Statement Queuing is enabled and cloud interface allows you to monitor it.
7.Query result cache is always enabled so second time query response time fast.
8.You can not create indexes and partitioning table strategies.The Artificial Intelligence Engine is responsible for creating it.

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