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MMON Reports ORA-600 [6810] In Alert Log File

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [6810], [162640], [168472]

Call Stack:

kdngnl kdnini2 keltinitseq keltgseq keltfill keltpost kelr_issue_alert 382 kelr_monitor_metric ksbcti ksbabs kebm_mmon_main

This issue is reported during MMON's alerting mechanism. Could not identify any known issue at this stage.

Bug 5088977 is related,but doesn't seems this is the cause.

MMON may dump in keltfill.

The workaround mentioned in the bug is helping.

Solution :

MMON is dumping the trace and objects accessed are related to MMON's alerting mechanism.


These all are related to alerting mechanism and call stack also further confirm the same.

Workaround is to disable the MMON alerting functionality by setting the following:

If using init.ora:

If using spfile:
SQL> alter system set "_threshold_alerts_enable"=0 scope=spfile sid='*';

and restart the instance.

This disables alerting mechanism.
This should not have any impact to other normal functionality of the database.

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