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Bugs fixed in each Patch Set Update

Bugs fixed in each Patch Set Update

  • See Note:854428.1 for information about Patch Set Updates
  • See Note:1562139.1 for Support Status and Alerts affecting releases.
This document lists the non-security bugs fixed in each Patch Set Update (PSU). PSU patches are cumulative and so each PSU includes fixes from all previous PSU patches for the same Patch Set.
eg: PSU will include all fixes from the PSU in addition to the fixes added in

For details of the PSU patches please see Document:2285559.1 Patch Set Update Fixes

The table below lists all of the non-security fixes included in the latest Patch Set Update.
  • Bugs are listed by category
  • The version column indicates the Patch Set Update that a fix was first included in - the fix is included in that PSU and all subsequent PSU versions.
  • Each bug number is hyperlinked to a Support Bug Description
  • To see only fixes added in a particular PSU version please click on the relevant document link in the previous section.

Advance Queuing hangs on "Streams AQ: enqueue blocked on low memory" CPU usage for Background q0 processes with fix for bug 21286665 Qnnn trace messages "kwqicgpc: cursor close error 604" with fix for bug 14764829 present
21286665"Streams AQ: enqueue blocked on low memory" waits with fix 18828868 - superseded propagation reports ORA-22337 with different database timezones or character sets
18084625Deadlock / library cache pin on queue objects with AQ/streams
19393542Dependency timestamp mismatches on RULE SET and EVALUATION CONTEXT objects Many Qxxx Processes Maxing Out the Number of Processes with fix for bug 14602788 present[kwqicgpc:cursta] can occur using AQ* process spin when buffered messages spill
Automatic Storage management startup fails with ORA-600:[kfodaapplianceinit0] filesystem crashes when resized beyond 128Tb startup fails with ORA-17510 if spfile is in 4k sector size diskgroup
18317531ASM gets terminated in the event of storage split in the stretch cluster [kcbzwb_4] can occur
17274537ASM disk group force dismounted due to slow I/Os
18273830ORA-7445 [kge_is_oserr] mounting diskgroup if ora.asm asm_diskstring>1024 and ORA-600 [kfgFinalize_2] in ASM does not use bind variables in its SQL - affects shared pool
17786518Memory leak from oak_init in ASM
18247991EEnhancement for ASM to use OAK API for appliance attributes / more diagnostics for ORA-15405
18277454ASM should get the "_asm_hbeatiowait" attribute from OAKLIB placement on ODA does not take into consideration the diskgroup redundancy
16875449GMON tries to optimize metadata (PST) placement in an infinite loop
17071721ORA-600 [723] from GMON in ASM for *skgdll..." memory
17296856ORA-15405 from disk ADD if drop forcing disk already present
17385178ORA-600 [kfgpSet3] during ASM reconfiguration with force dropping disks
17783588ORA-15001 keep being raised ASM corruption after disk resync
16850630Excessive "kfOdaAppliance" tracing in GMON
17443671Exadata block repair may invalidate cache lines
Buffer Cache Management encrypt tablespace at creation in Cloud (adds "encrypt_new_tablespaces")
21429602ORA-600 [kcbgtcr_13] in ADG
23294548Tablespace encryption should poll auto-login wallet on-demand (ORA-28365)
23315889New Datafile is not Encrypted After Offline Tabblespace Encryption with compatibility of 11.2 Instance Termination By LMS0 In RAC Due To ORA-600:[kclpis_1]
19207117ORA-600 [kcbgtcr_13] on ADG
22168163Fix for bug 22168163 for bug 20777150 and hang possible in RAC env between 'gc current request' and 'gc cr multi block request' join reconfiguration does not scale with more LMS's
16494615ADG may suffer significant buffer waits in the standby
17390160Small CPU overhead in ksusws->kcblsyncio for shared server sessions
17586955ORA-600 [ktspfmdb:objdchk_kcbnew_3] in RAC
17951233ORA-600 [kcblin_3] [103] after setting _pga_max_size > 2Gb [kcbchg1_28] possible on temporary ASSM segment / ORA-3170: deadlocked on readable physical standby (undo segment x) on ADG
17437634ORA-1578 or ORA-600 [6856] transient in-memory corruption on TEMP segment during transaction recovery / ROLLBACK (eg: after Ctrl-C) - superseded
17752121+EORA-600 [kclchkblkdma_3] ORA-600 [3020] RAC diagnostic/fix to avoid a block being modified in Shared Mode and prevent corruption - Superseded
17761775+ORA-600 [kclchkblkdma_3] ORA-600 [3020] or ORA-600 [kcbchg1_16] Join of temp and permanent table in RAC might lead to corruption - superseded
18340192RAC instance crash due to ORA-600 [kjbmmchkinteg:from] or ORA-600 [kjbldrmrpst:mas]
Enterprise Manager Database Control for bug 21168487 for bug 20004021
20004087Fix for bug 20004087
20334344Fix for bug 20334344 dbcontrol does not start for bug 18673304
18673325Fix for bug 18673325
18673342Fix for bug 18673342
19211724Fix for bug 19211724
Enterprise Manager Grid Control for bug 20861693
21330264Fix for bug 21330264
21343775Fix for bug 21343775
21343838Fix for bug 21343838
21343897Fix for bug 21343897
21351877Fix for bug 21351877
21453153Fix for bug 21453153 for bug 20448824 messages in install log while installing agent
19788842emdbconsole issue "Global symbol "$EM_SOL_JAVA" requires explicit package name"
Generic [qctcte1], [0] from PL/SQL
20569094replace function corrupt clob data
21132297Hostname adaptor cannot resolve a hostname that is longer than 63 characters - also affects REMOTE_LISTENER parameter
21532755ORA-600 [25027] By Concurrent queries while Create Index Online or ORA-8102 Table/Index mistmatch after Create Index Online
22551446DML triggers should not fire during ALTER DATABASE NATIONAL CHARACTER SET PRTMV allocations in shared pool executing concurrent DML and DDLs on interval partitioned tables
19469538Loading of data in ecol$ table is non-optimal for queries or ORA-4024 during database open
19578350ORA-7445 [kglbrk] if fix for bug 18190297 present
19689979ORA-8103 or ORA-600 [ktecgsc:kcbz_objdchk] or Wrong Results on PARTITION table after TRUNCATE in or above
20387265ORA-600 [Cursor not typechecked] errors on cursor executed from PLSQL
20879889Open cursor leak from DML on table with a materialized view log user with Editioned objects / triggers fails with ORA-604 / ORA-4045 / ORA-942 CPU overhead in KGL with fix 13853126 [kgltti-no-dep1] occurs when dropping an Edition
18331812"CREATE EDITION" / "ALTER USER ENABLE EDITIONS" leave incorrect entries in the library cache
20067212Wrong values in error logging table with fix 17397545 present
21067387Object name in some V$ views is truncated to 20 chars after DB PSU applied in memcpy() under qerfxFetch() from query on fixed view
16668584V$SQL.SQL_FULLTEXT may show "garbled" SQL for some statements > 1000 bytes long - superseded
17082983Memory corruption querying some fixed tables / views (ORA-4029 / ORA-600 [17147] / ORA-600 [kghfrmrg:nxt])
17156148Wrong results with query result cache using bind variable
17957017EDiagnostic enhancement to produce more information for ORA-600 [qesmaGetTblSeg1] errors
18051556Wrong results from SQL using materialized "WITH" clause, COALESCE and TO_CLOB
18331850ORA-600 due to stale entries left by "CREATE/ENABLE EDITIONS" DDLs
18362222Memory leak from OCIStmtExecute in a loop against an IOT
18384391Assorted ORA-600 errors possible with fix for bug 16402712 present
18384537Process spin in opipls() / ORA-4030 for "kgh stack" memory
18704244ORA-7445 [kgligl] can occur
18856999Wrong results (wrong cursor) with schema table masking public synonym [kktget2: no updcol] updating Updatable Join View over Editioning View
13558557ORA-7445 [qksbgParseList] from CREATE TABLE as SELECT
14354737Unexpected PLSQL compilation errors, such as PLS-206
15990359ORA-600 [qeslinit1:null_colnum] from DROP table with logging
16422541ORA-7445 [kghssapage] reported while updating table containing a CLOB
16538760ORA-600 [17014] or similar can occur
16777840ORA-600 [kkdlGetOnDiskDefVal : no MODV] from CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW over a database link
16934803Some analytic functions do not honour session NLS_SORT
17215560Scheduler jobs may not start after passed scheduled intervals
17258090Recursive SQL fails with ORA-1008 even with fix for bug 14458214
17835048Parallel UTL_RECOMP hangs after DB startup
17891943CASE expressions result in high child cursor counts due to BIND_MISMATCH
17912217PLS-201 and/or ORA-600 errors with Editions
18092127Wrong results (or serial execution or PQ parse errors) for parallel query from PLSQL - superseded
18098207TEMP space leak from SQL using temp table transformation in a PLSQL REF cursor
18189036ORA-600 [qkaffsindex3] from SQL Tuning task / advisor
18244962Parallel UTL_RECOMP hangs with Edition Based redefinition
18282562ORA-4063 from query against view with ADT column in Editioned enviroment
18306996Wrong SORT order for SQL with ORDER BY including partition column
18315328ORA-1866 after upgrade to
18334586ORA-600 [kglUnLock-bad-lock] or ORA-7445 [kglUnLock] can occur
18554763PMON crashes instance with ORA-600 [kksMutexRecovery-Bad-Opcode]
18674024Rowcache deadlock using Editions
18964939ORA-7445 [memcpy] from DBMS_AQADM.CREATE_QUEUE_TABLE with Editions
19615136ORA-600 [rwoirw: check ret val] from aggregate on fixed view in
19730508Orphan subscribers / ORA-600 [kwqdlprochstentry:ltbagi] on SYS$SERVICE_METRICS_TAB in RAC with fix of bug 14054676 present on kditpin
14245531Excessive temp space used for SORT operation / ORA-1652
16042673Database hang when system trying to add interval partition to the table
17037130Excess shared pool "PRTMV" memory use / ORA-4031 with partitioned tables
17040527Altering a partitioned table storage parameter (buffer_pool keep) does not work immediately
17242746ORA-4025 on recursive SQL from PLSQL
17267114ORA-1403 from DBMS_PICKLER calls
17449815ORA-8102 ORA-1499 after ORA-1/ORA-2291 by MERGE with DML ERROR LOGGING
17570240CPU overhead in MTS under kpospfdrv due to use of sprintf()
17587063ORA-600 [qerghFetch:inc] reported on query with CURSOR_SHARING=force
17705023ORA-600 [kkzuasid] on MV refresh
17824637A context sensitive cursor may be incorrectly shared leading to wrong results or errors
17842825SGA memory corruption caused by killed/sniped session writing ORA-600/ORA-7445 tracefile
17891946PMON may crash with kglOnErrorMutexCleanup on the stack
17982555ORA-4020 deadlock / ORA-4021 creating a PLSQL package
18199537RAC database becomes almost hung when large amount of row cache are used in shared pool
18230522ORA-7445 [kkpamCheckTransJoin] from full partition-wise join on REFERENCE partitioned object
18436307A trigger with a 'WHEN' condition that is created on an Editioned View (EV) does not fire when the EV has a VPD policy defined on it
18973907Memory corruption / various ORA-600/ORA-7445 using database links between and earlier versions - superseded[qerixFetchFastFullScan] on update of IOT with secondary index
13853126Dispatchers/new PQ slaves can get mutex with same session id - SGA memory corruption - superseded
14054676SYS.SYS$SERVICE_METRICS_TAB queue table fills up when a RAC node is down - superseded
14458214Unexpected ORA-1008 from select on composite partitioned table
15861775ORA-1000 cursor leak from some V$ / X$ table accesses
16268425Memory corruption / ORA-7445 / ORA-600 gathering statistics in parallel for table with virtual column/s
16855292Select on REFERENCE partitioned table using full piecewise joins spins during parse
17393915ora-600 [kqrcmt] / ora-600 [kqrhsh]
17397545ORA-600 [kdtigetrow-2] / buffer cache errors from MERGE statement with LOG ERRORS INTO
17478145ORA-6540/ORA-900 when dropping library unit in old Edition
17571306Self deadlock on CREATE OR REPLACE SYNONYM SQL
17588480library cache mutex/shared pool latch deadlock
17614134ORA-600 [kglgtbo1] can occur reading a LOB in an Editioned environment
17752995ORA-4031 from explain of SQL with many subqueries and OR expansion
17883081ORA-7445 [kkdcnco] when Editioned objects are used
17892268ORA-600 [koklread1-callback with conv flg] using 10.1 PLSQL client
18018515High CPU in qctHasFakeBind (can cause 'cursor: pin S wait on X' waits) [rwoirw: check ret val] from aggregate on fixed view
16180763ORA-600 [pmuocons#9: unhandled type] in PLSQL with user defined objects
16731148ORA-1882 using TIMESTAMP literals over a database link
16929165ORA-900 / ORA-4045 compiling PLSQL if error position > 32767
17050888ORA-600 compiling object in Edition after dropping covered objects - superseded
17325413Drop column with DEFAULT value and NOT NULL definition ends up with Dropped Column Data still on Disk leading to Corruption
17346671ORA-3106 when selecting an empty LOB over the long interface
17468141ORA-7445 [kglobcl] with client side PLSQL (such as Forms) results with IOTs and fix of bug 13705338 present
High Availability Set Until Time May Cause Failure of Subsequent SQL Commands
19272701ORA-600 [krbrpr_no_buffer] during RMAN recovery
20144308+ORA-27086 or ORA-1182 RMAN May Overwrite a SOURCE Database File during TTS, TSPITR, etc when OMF is used in SOURCE. ORA-1578 ORA-1122 in SOURCE afterwards
20475845BROKER: SWITCHOVER operation some times falsely fail due to ORA-12521
23026585RMAN Configure command May be Slow
23065323ERMAN encryption allowed on disk backups in SE hang and database instance termination by LMHB
16832076ORA-600 [kjsmesm:svrmode] / ORA-600 [kjatsu2:kjsmtsm] in RAC after ORA-600 [kclcls_8]
18043064ORA-38757 or ORA-1589 RMAN Active Duplicate may Flashback the Controlfile of Source Database
18899974ORA-600 [kcbgtcr_13] on ADG for SPACE metadata blocks and UNDO blocks
19777862Print alert.log warning when available SCN headroom falls below defined threshold
19888853Internal fix / enhancement 19888853
20390564ORA-600 [krvxedi_20] While Mining UDT with OGG
20509482*ORA-600 [3020] ORA-600 [kcbr_apply_change_11] / ORA-752 Wrong Results after Parallel Direct Load or RMAN ORA-600 [krcrfr_nohist] in RAC (caused by fix for bug 9962369). This bug is alerted in Note 2139374.1 on backup based duplicate ORA-12638: Credential retrieval failed on RMAN RESTORE on Windows deletion policy backed up N times to 'sbt_tape' ignored
12982566ORA-7445 [pfrins] and/or ORA-6550 and/or ORA-904 Errors Due to Non-Existent Library Cache Object
13829543In DG auto resync from standby overwrites the standby controlfile - can cause resync/backup errors
14015842ORA-600 [kjbrfixres:stalew] or similar in RAC LMS process
16384983RMAN bad backup - causes recovery to fail with ORA-600 [3020]
16579084LMS crashes instance with ORA-600 [kjbmprlst:shadow]
17348614Logminer generates unsupported LCRs when mining XMLType table with out-of-line storage and LOB
17634921ORA-22926 for direct path operation on table with LOBS in Logical Standby
17877323ORA-600 [krbi_init_fra_metadata_not_backup_ctl] from active duplicate on standby database
17889549OGG Integrated Extract does not correctly replicate Nested Table columns
17889583OGG extract abends with OGG-1112
18091059OGG parameter ALLOWNONVALIDATEDKEYS not working
18316692LMS may hit ORA-4030 due to huge "KJC PGA send buffer" memory
18430495Contention for "ges group table" latches even with fix 18306487 present
18456514ORA-12705 in Logical Standby database after upgrade to
18765602OGG IE fails during dictionary load
18783224Logical Standby Database LSP2 consuming CPU in query against LOGSTDBY_SUPPORT_TAB_10_1 or LOGSTDBY_SUPPORT_TAB_10_2 transport streaming not supported with all mixed version configurations
14034426ORA-600 [kjbrfixres:stalew] in LMS in RAC
17025461ORA-600 [krbbsThrottle_ zero_total_size] on RMAN backup
17835627Poor Logminer / OGG extract performance for large MERGE SQL
17851160Hang / poor performance of logminer dictionary queries - superseded
17922254ORA-26726 during convert to standby due to prior downstream capture session
18339044ESupport encryption on oracle public cloud sbt library in standard edition
18674047Very high CPU usage mining IOT index redo duplicate fails ORA-1507 if source has archivelog mode and cold backup
16692232RMAN backup archivelog all not backed up / delete all input does not work as expect
17006183DB hang as Archiver confuses destinations for EOR archivelog upon role change to primary
17232014RAC startup with large buffer cache reserves too little space for GCS causing shared pool issues
17237521LGWR needlessly waits at least 1 second for ARC process to start
18009564RMAN overestimates backup size twice as much (False RMAN-3009 possible)
18280813Process hangs in 'gc current request' in RAC ORA-1208 RMAN Duplicate overwrites datafiles at original location despite DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST
14565184LogMiner unconditional tracing floods trace files
16392068ORA-600 [kjbmpocr:dsb] from LMS / instance crash
17227277ORA-1741 during LogMining certain DDLs
17238511RAC instance crash due to ORA-600 [kjbmpcrtpi:md]
17311728Incomplete supplementally logged columns in OGG
17381384ORA-1427 from multiple logminer sessions loading data for tables with REF columns
17477958Logminer dictionary build can take very long time for large databases
17596908OGG integrated extract issues a fetch for NULL LOB/UDT columns
17655634ORA-7445 [krvxInvokeCallbacks] from Logminer running under GoldenGate
18996843Apply fails with ORA-7445 [kghfre] with fix for bug 16472716 present [kjbmiclo:creq] in LMS / instance crash
16220077ORA-600 [kdlx_logmnr_decompress : incorrect unit length passed]
16228604ORA-600 [kglUnlock-bad-lock] on restarting OGG Extract with missing/deleted REDO logs
16399083Transport lag suddenly gets a high value as seen in V$TRANSPORT_LAG or query on V$DATAGUARD_STATS hangs
16472716ORA-22920 occurs when applying piece-wise lob operation in Logical standby - superseded
17186905Flashback database on standby reports ORA-38861 unnecessarily
17284817Switchover to standby hang using broker via Siteguard
18094246Internal fix in RAC looking up object affinity
Oracle Diagnostics Infrastructure / DIA-48161 creating ADR home with product / instance ID > 31 chars
20869721m00x processes spin when disk space is exhausted
Oracle Internet Directory client & DBMS_LDAP fails with ORA-31202 SSL handshake failed
Oracle JVM [psd_validate:argc] during upgrade from 11.2 with October 2014 DB PSU (or equivalent) installed for bug 19289642 from repeat calls to DBMS_UTILITY.invalidate which compiles Java objects
Oracle Multimedia DB ordim jar signatures to work with latest JRE updates to JPEG image fails for index color image
Oracle Net Services shows garbage characters in HOST field if hostname exceeds 63 characters
24624166"lsnrctl status" does not show services configured when hostname is >= 64 chars long
Oracle OLAP for bug 20558005 for bug 19309466
Oracle Portable ClusterWare disk TOC Corruption ORACHK in database installations
Oracle Secure Files [kcbr_apply_change_11] by media RECOVERY on LOB securefiles Import of small Securefile Lobs is slow
Oracle Security Compressed Incremental Level 1Backup Intermittently Fails with ORA-19914 and ORA-00600 after applying April DB PSU or DB Bundle Patch ACCESS POLICY not working correctly in RAC
19013183Wrong results with context sensitive VPD policy in PL/SQL block specific public synonyms are present after upgrade from 10.2
17308789Memory leak / Session spin when using JDBC with Database Links
18441944ORA-2002/ORA-22921 from audit of CLOB variables > 512 bytes [kzaxpsqbnd:ENCD-lxgcnv] occurs with AUDIT_TRAIL=XML,EXTENDED / Incorrect bind audit data with 18136988 fix when querying TDE table even if wallet is already open in RAC env
Oracle Security Service for bug 17865671
Oracle Space management [...:objdchk_kcbnew_3] or ORA-8103 with concurrent DROP / SELECT of ASSM segment [memcpy] under kdd* functions processing chained inline LOB
18607546*ORA-600 [kdblkcheckerror]..[6266] corruption with self-referenced chained row. ORA-600 [kdsgrp1] / Wrong Results / ORA-8102. This bug is alerted in Note 1944645.1
18619917Block corruption / ORA-600 [kdBlkCheckError]..[6110] on insert to OLTP compressed table
18723434DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS.tablespace_size can be incorrect for ASM tablespaces after applying
18868646Space metadata corruption / ORA-600 [ktsptrn_fix-extmap] logged column values incorrect for clustered tables
18202441Logminer shows incorrect value in WHERE clause due to corrupted supplemental redo for chained rows
18235390ORA-600 [kghstack_underflow_internal_3] ... [kttets_cb - autoextfiles_kttetsrow] after applying patch 17897511
18356166ORA-600:[kdblkcheckerror][x][x][18020] possible in ASSM [ktbdbh] during diagnostic IOT output from query on Hcc Compressed Table Stored On ZFS 7420
17672719ORA-600 [kclgclks_3] with fix 17382536 present corruption / ORA-7445 [kaf4F0rst9ir2srp1] from HCC compression
14010183ORA-600 [ktspfundo:objdchk_kcbgcur_3] in SMON after failed temp segment merge load
16785708ORA-600 [6122] following use of DBMS_REDEFINITION on a table with a LOB column
Oracle Storage Server Service Layer Scan may fail sporadically in Standby
16837842Memory leak and assorted Dumps and Internal errors on KCFIS*
16863422ORA-600 [kxdam_notify_cell:ioctlFailed] in Exadata
17080436EDiagnostic enhancement to write out OSS map elements in Exadata
17265217Inconsistent asmdeactivationoutcome during scrub resilvering
17465741ORA-600 [KCFIS_DECR_OVERHEADMEM_LEN_1] with large file creation / high redundancy
17546761Exadata griddisk resilvering takes a long time
17602269DISKMON master hang due to self deadlock
17614227Exadata ASM rebalance takes a long time after flash failure / cell reboot
17726838TCP connect error is incorrectly caught in libcell block repair should be suppressed upon getting 'block to be resilvered'
Oracle Streams inbound server does not honor set_table_instantiation
16306373OGG Lightweight capture fails with ORA-600 [knlogcPackColList:101]
17201159OGG Integrated Replicat abends with ORA-26808 error
17346091OGG Integrated extract abends with OGG-2077 extract encountered error code 15012
17649265OGG IR direct mode skips DML handler execution
17694209OCI-21500 [knclprstr:str] from OGG
17798953OGG abend with OGG-2030 "failed to set logmining server parameters"
17816865OGG IR creates multiple error entries for eager error
17852463OGG streams_apply info in alert showing 0 for applied_message_number
17853456OGG parse error or missing data for XML replicated to target
17853498OGG EXCLUDETAG capture parameter does not allow plus sign (+)
17945983OGG unnecessary progress table cleanup when optimize_progress_table enabled
18155762OGG does not assemble LOBs when conflict/reperror handlers configured
18193833Logical Standby: SQL apply error ORA-10655 reported for shrink space check statement
18762750OGG cloned integrated extract fails with ORA-600 [knlogcStartLogminer: logminer start scn > captured_scn] EXCLUDEUSER may nnot work on the apply user
17936109Lob data missing from XA transaction in Streams replicated environment
18228645XStream capture REQUIRED_CHECKPOINT_SCN does not change
18293054ORA-1426 when querying DBA_CAPTURE / V$GOLDENGATE_CAPTURE
18471685ORA-7445 [knalkcdoce_fcfhdlrs] stopping OGG integrated replicat with handlers
18482502OGG IR hang on eager restart
18747196Large trace of LCR dump after waiting more than 3 seconds cursor leak during apply with Integrated Replicat [knasald] / memory corruption from Streams apply AS process
16912439OGG-2028 failed to attach: knlciDumpCaptureVDollarViewInfo err 1403
16943711OGG XStream inbound encounters ORA-60 deadlock error on EHCC tables
16956380ORA-7445 [knalsalex] during LOB assembly error for integrated replicat
17016369ORA-1 against SYS.STREAMS$_APPLY_ERROR_TXN_UNQ from Streams
17027426OGG IR does not abend when null values are used for delta resolution in cdr
17040764OGG may not get the direct path apply setting
17082359ORA-60 deadlock from OGG apply (IR) into securefile columns with deduplicate on
17205719OGG: IR shows incorrect DML stats not matching with actual DMLs applied
17235750OGG IR hangs after eager error
17341326Various ORA-600 / ORA-7445 from OGG replicat with XStreams
17344412OGG IR hangs after an abort of an eager transaction that is resent
17375354OGG IR apply slaves log 'knalsglcr:nil lcr pointer' in as traces
17389192OGG IR abends due to ORA-600 [knlqglcr:2] during repeated collisions handling
17390431Downstream capture for OGG may downgrade to non RTM mode unnecessarily
17393683OGG: IR reports negative daily/hourly stats & eventually total stats mistmatch
17441661OGG IR repeatedly abends due to ORA-26808/ORA-7445 [knasplcr]
17545847IEV2 capture aborts with ORA-7445 [knluCompareNumberArrayKnlpar] when EXCLUDEUSERID is specified
17546973OGG XStream DML handler does not honor reperror handlers
17622427OGG outbound server core dump crashes when diag_dde_enabled is set
Oracle Transaction Management deadlock inserting to SECUREFILE with FDA enabled
17360606Wrong results for materialized subquery factoring (WITH clause) on Data Guard Versions query fails intermittently with ORA-30054
16901385RECO process may get ORA-600:[k2vdrv: valid branch] with select statement using NOWAIT clause with no concurrent active transaction
17787259EExcessive "minact-scn" trace in MMON deadlock while updating HCC compressed tables
Oracle Universal Storage Management "Exadata" messages in ASM and DB alert logs on startup
Oracle Utilities fails with ORA-2261 when SUPPLEMENTAL logging is on the table column resilts from CLUSTER_PROBABILITY or CLUSTER_SET "EVENT or _TRACE_EVENT" warning from utlu112i/utlu112x/DBUA
Oracle Virtual Operating System Services ORA-16471 During Data Guard Switchover or Hang in Database Shutdown Internal Errors due to Shared Pool Memory Corruptions in and later. Instance may Crash new make target "patchset_opt_all" for use by opatch [ksusig] or ORA-7445 [kghxcu] from PMON after killing RMAN hang"alter system kill session immediate" does not kill QC sessions process may spin on CPU in skgfr_suspend64
18135678Oracle background processes may parent multiple sh zombie processes
18508861+Create datafile on RAW can produce a corrupt file header / causes ORA-17515 and crash in [510] ... [cache buffers chains]
17299889Excess CPU in kghfrempty (especially with fix of bug 17009013 present)
18191164Performance issue with direct NFS due to spin in reconnect code path
18328509Fix for bug 18160822 can cause unexpected unconditional errorstack traces is aborted by resource manager with ORA-40
16315398PMON not cleaning ksfv slaves / ORA-600 [504] in 12c - superseded
16542886Huge trace files with dNFS "CH OUT of ORDER" messages
17754782ORA-7445 [kgnfs_check_for_timedout_requests] during startup dump from "orion"
18180390Unexpected "Warning: odm_mkdir not found in ODM library" tracefile entries with DB PSU / Exadata Bundle 2-4 API version is not correct for odm_mkdir call in - superseded
17612828Private memory corruption can occur due to wrong buffer allocation size for replay in ksfdss*
PL/SQL [kglGetSO-null-parent] while invalidating objects in an Editioned database [pevm_ncal_trace] or similar with fix 16471888 present developer hangs when debugging PL/SQL
18614015utl_recomp does not compile invalid Materialized Views
18641451Fix for bug 18641451
18641461Fix for bug 18641461 for bug 18641419 drop package in ancestor Edition if package references a dead DB link
17174582ORA-600 [kkt_ginfo_fobjn : missing trigger] during DROP EDITION clients may get stale error handle (ORA-65020 in RMAN)
Server Manageability to have write IO throughput statistics in AWR in MMON during regular AWR purge data in V$WAITCLASSMETRIC / V$WAITCLASSMETRIC_HISTORY or ORA-12571 Failed AWR purge can lead to continued SYSAUX space use
17042658ORA-600 [kewrsp_split_partition_2] during AWR purge"spawrio" script shows wrong %Reads and %Opt values
Workspace Manager for bug 19032867 for bug 19006849
XML Utilities and Lpxbuf Should Have More Flags to Disallow File Access
24719736Xdk Should Block File and Httpd Access by Default From Within the RDBMS for bug 17655240
21517440Xslt transform security enhancement
21668627Internal XSLT fix for bug 17762296 for bug 19197175 / ORA-19202 during database upgrade of multibyte database
XML database regression issue caused by bug-24652769 for bug 21526048
21787056Fix for bug 21787056 for bug 20925795 for bug 19358317 [qmxsaxCreateDocTypeXob]
Miscellaneous Issues backups taken before HSM migrate should work after HSM migrate for bug 6599380
22148226Fix for bug 22148226
22657942Fix for bug 22657942 for bug 22296366
22380919Fix for bug 22380919
22507210Fix for bug 22507210
22507234Fix for bug 22507234
23177648database security patch update
23536835db- for bug 20596234
21756661Fix for bug 21756661
21756677Fix for bug 21756677 for bug 17551063
21756699Fix for bug 21756699 for bug 20441797 for bug 19699191
20331945Fix for bug 20331945
20657441Fix for bug 20657441 patch scripts required DV to be disabled
16091637alter table update indexes parallel still raises an audit error in audit_trail$
19915271Fix for bug 19915271
20296213Make jox_on fails with error after applying PSU for bug 18436647
20074391PSU post-deinstallation catbundle returns ORA-20000 / ORU-10027 from LOB writes in stored Java (JDBC KPRB) in definers rights
17343514Remove Java code from catbundle
19458377Internal check to ensure compatibility of "Oracle JavaVM Component Database PSU" patches
19554106Internal fix required to support "Database PSU for Oracle JavaVM Component" Patches
19727057Internal fix to handle jvmpsu.sql in catbundle.sql results from query using multiblock scan for an OLTP compressed block
17006570Fix for bug 17006570
17011832RMAN-6023, RMAN-6026 on tablespace point in time recovery
17786278Fix for bug 17786278
18061914Fix for bug 18061914
18096714Fix for bug 18096714
18554871Fix for bug 18554871
19049453Fix for bug 19049453 for bug 17716305
17721717Fix for bug 17721717 rollback does not update registry$history correctly
13944971Fix for bug 13944971
16450169Fix for bug 16450169
16721594Fix for bug 16721594
17088068Fix for bug 17088068

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