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what does "2>&1" do in crontab?

What does "2>&1" do in crontab?

01 * * * * /oracle/work/ak/ >/oracle/work/ak/logtest.out  2>&1

The command 2>&1 is to prevent crontab sending an email (sendmail on /var/mail/root) when the script fails. so, if the error occurs when the crontab script fails, then the email will dump to logtest.out not on /var/mail/root.

here we go,
The 2>&1 just redirects Channel 2 (Standard Error) and Channel 1 (Standard Output) to the same place which in this context is Channel 1 (Standard Output), and thence your log file.
If all output from a cron is redirected to a file, it will not generate an email of the output to Stdout or Stderr.

Hope this helps ;-)

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