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Generic Oracle DBA Interview questions

1.       Self Introduction
2.       Daily activities and roles and responsibilities?
3.       architecture
4.       There is no sync  b/n primary and standby,then what is your next step
5.       Patching and upgradataion steps
6.       Rman cloning steps
7.       How you know at OS level, which oracle version u r using ?
8.       How you know the block size of a tablespace?
9.       How you change the block size of a tablespace?steps?
10.   Dataguard pfile parameters?
11.   At the time of dataguard configuration why we put the database in force logging mode?
12.   What is mean by rebalance in ASM?
13.   What is your backup policy?
14.   Why the datapump is more faster compare to the logical bkp?
15.   Tel me about scan ip
16.   What is the use of voting disk?why odd noumber of voting disks?
17.   What is the major issue u faced recently?
18.   usaually How many tickets you will get daily.
19.   Tel me the about RAC bp?
20.   What is mean by read consistency
21.   Select operation?
22.   How you rename the datafile?steps?
23.   Tel me steps to take hot bkp?
24.   What is mean by fractured block?
25.   How many types checkpoints?
26.   One user fired a select statement at 10:05am and it will be complete at 10:20am and another user updated few rows b/n 10:15 and he completed within 5mins then which data he will get updated or older version that who fired select?and how?
27.   What is profile
28.   Have u come across node eviction issue?if yes how u troubleshoot?
29.   What are the new features of
30.   How to generate AWR report and when u generate Ash report?
31.   What is mean by snapid?
32.   What is mean by fragmentation?
33.   When u rebuild a index?what is the coand?
34.   How to move a schema from one tablespace to another tablespace?
35.   How you know how many listeners are running?
36.   Do you know about remote_listener?
37.   Tel me about deadlock error?
38.   How you know at db level which o/s is currently using?

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