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Database admin -> the path to the cloud

Database admin: the path to the cloud

The path for a database admin is pretty easy to map. Basically, it’s a matter of understanding the databases that are likely to be used for cloud-based workloads, and then mapping your skills to those specific databases. For example, Oracle DBAs can certainly continue their career with Oracle running on the public cloud. However, enterprises that move to public clouds usually opt for cheaper and more modern database technology, so it would be good for Oracle database admins to learn how to admin other databases.

For example, Amazon’s RDS relational database is now a popular cloud option in the enterprise. For data warehousing in the cloud, Redshift makes good economic sense. MySQL shops will consider Aurora running on AWS. There are dozens of object-based databases running in the cloud as well, such as Couchbase and MongoDB for which demand is high right now.

Again, the trick is to look at what’s hot in the cloud platform your target enterprises use, and then obtain those specific skills. Database generalists need not apply for most of the newer cloud gigs.

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